DIY Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

The cat tower is the most ghastly piece of furniture ever designed. Unfortunately, cats love cat towers, especially as they combine their favorite pastimes of climbing up to a perch (to nap) and scratching their claws (after waking up from a nap).And for some actively cats, they prefer high and long climbing to allow 'full speed', there are pretty easy way to diy a floor to ceiling cat climbing tree for your fur kids. 

15 IKEA DIY Your Cat Will Appreciate

Living with cats offers a special set of home decor dilemmas, we are always want to provide a comfortable for our furry friends, but the idea of giant cat towers taking up floor space in living room.Fortunately, there are 15 IKEA hacks DIY your cat will love, Whether you're trying to hide an unsightly litter box or just create a kitty house that isn't totally ugly (and doesn't cost a billion dollars), there's something here for you in this roundup of clever cat-centric IKEA hacks.Hope you and your cat will love it, and let us get to DIY it ! Enjoy !

DIY Cat Tree using Real Tree

Cat trees are an easy and fun thing to make, as you can utilize scrap wood and leftover materials to make something your feline friends will love. I'm especially digging the ones that make use of real branches for an organic look.It good looking and not much money on it.

Super Easy DIY Cat Litter Scoop

Are you still buy the cat litter scoop from amazon ? Try this DIY now~