Black cat lady's outfits - walk in the rain

Gothic style cat lady's casual outfit to walk all day

Gothic style cat lady's casual outfit to walk all day

6 Free Plans For Cat Tree

Cat tree supply lots of benefits for cat. It provides the cat with needed exercise and stimulation,your cat could jump , sleep , scrabble, play on the cat tower. But ,even the small cat tree can retail for an expensive amount, more or less one hundred.A good alternative way is to build cat tree by yourself.Making cat tree will save you money as well as giving you complete control over the cat tower's appearance and function. You can make a cat tree yourself using a few readily available tools and materials.

DIY Unique Cat Furniture Tutorial

cat tree plans-4
This cat tree is totally unique and is  a new line of stylish cat furniture, which is from china, named cats. The white tower and scratcher is really cute.This cat tree is  lovely to look at and so practical!! The designs are inventive and so cleaverly condensed. But , since it only sells in china, and the price is over over my budget . then , DIY this cat tree is the best way now.