20 Awesome working table for DIY lovers


Woooooo.... You won't miss these awesome working table .. super love ! I want one ! Which one is your best ?

How to Choose the Best Cat Grass


How to choose tbe best cat grass ? What type of the cat grass i should buy for my kitten ?What is cat grass? Well, some people use the terms kitty grass and catnip interchangeably. However, in this instance, cat grass refers to the shoots of grains such as rye, oats, barley, and wheat that are grown to be fed to cats,which can assist your cat's digestive system and help it to get rid of hairballs.All of these pet grass could be cultivated in the house to satisfy your feline.

Plant Cat Grass with Tissue


I call this "tissue cat grass". That is the easiest,clean way to grown cat grass. There is no toils,chemical fertilizer...the things you'll need is cat grass seeds,and of course ,you need tissue.

Top 20 Cat Movies & Films

There is a list of cat movies and films,and Amazon link where to buy these cat films.They are selfish, self-adoring, vain and egotistical...how can you not love that? Enjoy these films with your kitten ~

How to Grow Cat Grass For your kitten

Most of cats enjoy feasting on grass, but the foliage outdoors often lacks nutrients and contains harmful pesticides and herbicides. Most indoor plants are also harmful to cats.Now, you need to plant indoor cat grass to satisfy your feline.

8 Awesome Cat Tents For Your Fur Kid

As the fall is coming, it is the great time to play outer door, camp ,fishing , climbing. ok, wait ...Do not forget your little fur kid.I am going to try and make the shark pet tent for my little friend ! So fun! Check out my cat tent picks below,not only for shopping list, but also great idea for DIY.

Easy 3 Steps to DIY cat tent with your old T shirts


This is the easy way to set up an cat tent within 3 steps. No sewing machine,No cutting.All interested can stir up a bit in the closet. I am sure there's an old T shirt just waiting to be reused. So, let's DIY