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8 Awesome Cat Tents For Your Fur Kid

As the fall is coming, it is the great time to play outer door, camp ,fishing , climbing. ok, wait ...Do not forget your little fur kid.I am going to try and make the shark pet tent for my little friend ! So fun! Check out my cat tent picks below,not only for shopping list, but also great idea for DIY.

1. Cat teepee made of cardboard

Cat teepee made of cardboard

This native American teepee for fluffy little critters by loyal luxe, canada is made of 100% recycled cardboard. That fun modern sells on USD 31 on amazon here .That is great DIY idea to recycling cardboard.I find some other cat pet products which could be made of cardboard too, check below, or ,Maybe i will buy the plane cat play house,that is so cool !

2. Royal blue wet felted cat tent

wet felted cat tent
I so love the color, and the shape,although i have no idea how to DIY this wet felted cat pet. That is so amazing ,magic style, and it looks so warm,that is not just only a play cat pent ,i also could be cat bed.My kitten will love this one ,I bet.
The source link

3. Shark shape cat pet 

Shark pet bed

That is totally OMG!Every time your kitten go in and out, it'll look like a fat, bitchy shark is both eating and then spitting out small house pets. AWESOME!
You could buy this shark cat pet from amazon, they provide two sizes, and said which is somewhat "Japanese Nanotechnology". whatever. Or, you could have a try to DIY one these cute thing, maybe upgrade it, what about a fierce giant mice, with sharp teeth ?

4. Fish shape sewing pattern cat pet

Simplicity Crafts 9004 Cat Tent Fish Beds Pattern
Cute ! Fish cat ! Totally DIY idea . Before move to the sewing machine ,  you should to know that there is customize service on etsy: patterns4you provides instructions and paper pattern pieces to make pet beds.  or you can order one from amazon here now.

5.Princess style Cat Pet Bed

Princess Dog Cat Pet Bed

This is princess style pet tent bed, only for your cat lady.Your kitten is sure to feel like royalty in these cozy, private Pet Tent Luxury Dog Beds.Check amazon link to order one.

6. Cat field style tent

Cat Field Tent
Attention all four-legged personnel: Your barracks have been upgraded to this handmade Field Tent. Built from vintage cotton canvas sourced from US Military-issue field tents and collapsible wood rods, this shelter appeals to veterans of napping and looking cute. It also features a roll-up front door, sewn-in floor construction and has been tagged with GO! PET DESIGN'S full zipcode in distressed white stenciling. The source link  and you can order one cat teepee style bed from amazon here

7. Cat Tent with Detachable Cushion
Cat Tent with Detachable Cushion
Your kitten is ready for the camp .are you ready for that ?Let your cat experience a little camping fun! The source link

8. Kitten pet play tent
 Kitten Pet Play TENT
The little tent is pop open,and easy to carry on. I must say , i love this toy,which is the my dou's favorite. Buy the way ,the pop open tent could be back set camper in your car. Buy play tent from amazon

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