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Easy 3 Steps to DIY cat tent with your old T shirts


This is the easy way to set up an cat tent within 3 steps. No sewing machine,No cutting.All interested can stir up a bit in the closet. I am sure there's an old T shirt just waiting to be reused. So, let's DIY

STEP 1: What will you need ?

The materials:         

1) 1X old t shirt ;
2) 2 X Hangers;
3) 1 X Old Cushion ;
4) Some strong paper, Iron Wire;
5) A cat who love the pet ;

The tools you may need :

DIY cat tent with old t shirt 1

First of all, straightened the two clothes hangers, fixed the middle of the hangers with iron wire,adjust the curvature of the hangers to make sure the room is suite for your cat.Put some cardboard under the cushions to enhance stability.

STEP 2: Assembly,Put all things together

DIY cat tent with old t shirt 2

Now, you need put all the things together. You can use wire, sticker,or sweep to put them together ,but , please be careful the end of the hanger which is sharp ,may hurt your kittens.

DIY cat tent with old t shirt 4

DIY cat tent with old t shirt 3

Put t shirt to the bracket sleeve. Enclosed the redundant holes. Then ,Done !

STEP 3: Get you cat in

DIY cat tent with old t shirt 5

DADA ~ Work done ! A cat tent using old t shirts. Simplest way to DIY ,right ? What do you think ?


  1. Meow Kitten Blog - This is one very clever idea love it - just had to pin it.

  2. Brilliant!!! I was wondering how I could make my cats a house and it helped a lot!! Got some guest in January and my cats are a bit too unsociable and i think I need somewhere for them to hide! thank you very much!

  3. Just made this for my sweet little Lucy and she LOVES! it. Thanks so much for the brilliant idea!

  4. Love this! I can't wait to make two for my ornery little kittens!

  5. I made this for my cat, since she didn't have a little house. Instead of my cat loving it, my medium sized dog loves it instead. As long as it's used, I'm happy. :D

  6. I actually tried to make this for my mini pin, she's cat-sized and loves to tunnel. It's still got some tweaks to work out, certainly not this simple but its a great concept :)

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  8. This is a great idea! I can't wait to try this, my cats love to hide in little tents like this!!!!! Thanks again!! :)

  9. You are a great guy, and from your article I learn a lot, thank you for your help

  10. LOVELOVELOVE IT!!! I saw it posted on FB, shared it 6 times, copied the link & emailed it to friends! I have 7 kitty rescues! EVEN I CAN MAKE THESE! LOL! Sprinkle a little cat nip in them when they are finished & watch them enjoy!

  11. çok güzel.
    Benim kedim BADEM için böyle bir ev yapmak lazım :)

  12. I like! Now I never have to throw my old t-shirts out anymore, I just make these and give them to our local cat charity. ;)

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  14. Very clever and cool idea for kitties! TFS luv! ♥ dig ♥

  15. thanks for this idea... i made one a while ago...

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  19. Wow....I bought a similar one at Walmart....Wish i could have done it myself.....

  20. Amazing! My mom will definitely love this. We have three cats at home.

    Jacob Carlson

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