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How to Choose the Best Cat Grass


How to choose tbe best cat grass ? What type of the cat grass i should buy for my kitten ?What is cat grass? Well, some people use the terms kitty grass and catnip interchangeably. However, in this instance, cat grass refers to the shoots of grains such as rye, oats, barley, and wheat that are grown to be fed to cats,which can assist your cat's digestive system and help it to get rid of hairballs.All of these pet grass could be cultivated in the house to satisfy your feline.
In fact, there is no "best cat grass",what we should do is to choose the appropriate cat grass based on the need and tastes of your kitten. For example, my little fur kid do not bit any cat grass except fresh oats grass. so, I must turn to some other ways to fed him more grasses, aim to help him out of the hairball issue .
When first introducing cat grass to your cat, you may opt to present a few choices. Once your cat establishes a preference for one kind of grass over the other, you can concentrate your efforts on keeping a fresh supply of the preferred type on hand. A mixture of different types of seeds planted in one tray can also help to accommodate multiple cats without having multiple trays.
Do not familiar with the steps of planting cat grass ? Check this instruction articles:How to grow cat grass indoor.

Wheat Cat Grass

Wheat grass is a favorite for most of cats, and it contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals, providing plenty of nutrition,and also often used to make juice for human consumption.

The speciality of wheat cat grass:
  • It can contribute to overall health and make a cat's coat look healthier, also help older cats with arthritis and contribute to a longer lifespan for cats.
  • The seeds will sprout within a few days and the grass will reach full maturity by the end of a week.
  • It generally grows up to 6 inches tall.

Buck Oats Cat Grass

For some cat,they do not like wheat cat grass,as the wheat grass may prove to be too rich for their stomachs,then you can choose oats cat grass.This grass also used for juicing for human,and by the way, oats cat grass is mildly sweet,maybe will tastes greater than wheat cat grass.

The speciality of buck oats cat grass:
  • This seed is available at most seed stores and generally takes up to five days to grow.
  • Grow it in direct sunlight
  • it does better if sprouted first.

Barley Cat Grass

This grass is the oldest cultivated grain,it is available in vitamin form,which has many nutritional elements for cats.

The speciality of barley cat grass:
  • It contains amino acids and is easily absorbed by the blood.
  • Barley contains important enzymes and many important vitamins and minerals.
  • In order to sprout barley grass at home, you must purchase whole barley seed that has not been hulled.
  • Barley grass can grow up to 14 inches high.

Rye Cat Grass

  • Rye grass has a smaller blade than some of the other varieties of cat grass
  • It is a good choice if you want to create a grass tray for your cat to lounge on.
  • It is a durable variety of grass and can yield several crops in one tray.
Now , you know which one is your cat's "best cat grass" .All of the type seeds for cat grass are available at pet and health food stores, as well as online.The Amazon cat grass list below
is for your reference.

The mix seeds cat grass kit,Includes Trays, Soil, Wheat Grass Seeds

 The individual cat grass kit:

Wheat Cat Grass: Oats Cat Grass: Barley Cat Grass: Rye Cat Grass:
Warm Tips:

For added pet protection, choose to grow organic seed, when possible. The goal of feeding cat grass to your felines is to promote health. Using seeds that are not organic means there is the potential of the seed having unwanted or unhealthy ingredients, such as pesticides.Luckily, you can get chemical-free, organic cat-grass at many pet stores.

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