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How to Grow Cat Grass For your kitten

Most of cats enjoy feasting on grass, but the foliage outdoors often lacks nutrients and contains harmful pesticides and herbicides. Most indoor plants are also harmful to cats.Now, you need to plant indoor cat grass to satisfy your feline.
It is pretty easy to grow cat grass. You can buy pre-made cat grass containers kit that have dirt and seed, and all you need to do is water and follow the directions. You can also buy just the seeds at the pet store or local local health food store. Follow these easy steps to grow cat grass:
Things You'll Need:
  • Cat grass seeds (Mostly is wheat seeds,that depend on your kitten,Read this:How to Choose Cat Grass Seeds For your kitten)
  • Container (4-6 inch deep,with a hole at the bottom is better)
  • Soil formulated for edible vegetation (perfectly organic, plz do not add any chemical fertilizer)
  • A bowl
  • Water
Step 1: Go shopping, get things ready

How to plant cat grass 1
You can buy these things from local garden store,or go Amazon,and wait the mail pack just like me,there below is my Amazon shopping list for my cat grass:
Or, you can choose the pre made grass kit,which contains all the things,the seeds,the soil.. Only $7.99, seems great: SmartCat Kitty's Garden Edible Grass Planter

Step 2:Soak seeds,about 6-8 Hours

How to plant cat grass 2

Soak 2 tbsp. of wheat berries in enough room temperature water to fully cover the seeds for about 6 to 8 hours. This will help soften the hull of the seeds. Do not soak longer to keep wheat from developing mold.

How to plant cat grass 3

After 6 hours, the seeds become fatter. That means the seeds is wake up,and ready to grow now.

Step 3: Forced seeds germination

How to plant cat grass 4

This step is aim to improve the percentage of hgermination,especially when the temperature is low. Cover the seeds with paper to create a wet and dark environment for the wheat grain to sprout. Place the bowl out of your cat's way so he is not tempted to knock off the paper.

How to plant cat grass 5

After 10-16 hours,the seed sprout,when about two centimeters, it could be transferred to the soil to grow.

Step 4: Transferred to the soil

How to plant cat grass 6

Prepare one pot of good drainage(I choose the 4.5 inch pot with few holes at the bottom : Amazon source).Fill the pot with soil, almost to the top and moisten it lightly.

How to plant cat grass 8

Gently distribute the wet seeds evenly over soil. Cover the seeds with 1/4 inch of soil. Lightly water again.

Step 5: Place it to sunlit space

Place your plant in sunny place like a windowsill as soon as you see the seeds sprout.

How to plant cat grass 9 
After 2-3 days,the cat grass is sprout out.

How to plant cat grass 10

Within a week or so, the grass should be a few inches tall and ready for your cat.DaDA~ enjoy this,my fur kid.

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