6 Free Plans For Cat Tree

Cat tree supply lots of benefits for cat. It provides the cat with needed exercise and stimulation,your cat could jump , sleep , scrabble, play on the cat tower. But ,even the small cat tree can retail for an expensive amount, more or less one hundred.A good alternative way is to build cat tree by yourself.Making cat tree will save you money as well as giving you complete control over the cat tower's appearance and function. You can make a cat tree yourself using a few readily available tools and materials.

DIY Unique Cat Furniture Tutorial

cat tree plans-4

This cat tree is totally unique and is  a new line of stylish cat furniture, which is from china, named cats. The white tower and scratcher is really cute.This cat tree is lovely to look at and so practical!! The designs are inventive and so cleaverly condensed. But , since it only sells in china, and the price is over over my budget . then , DIY this cat tree is the best way now.

Cat Tree DIY Tutorial – Making HomeMade Cat Tree

Diy cat tree

Homemade cat tree condo is the best solution for cat lover, homemade cat tree is sufficiently strong, than the market generally cats tree. and it will save a lot. Here is a detailed DIY cat tree tutorial, from the cat tree plan to finished homemade cat tree, you can get inspiration from this cat tree DIY tutorial,then, figure out how to make your homemade cat tree tower.

DIY Cat Tree Tutorial – How To Make Cat Tree Condo


DIY cat tree is great ideal for all cat lover, which is save a lot money ,and also provide fun. The key of homemade building cat tree is the cat tree plan, in my view, which contain the all the details of your cat tree will be.A great cat tree plan is the most important of making cat tower. Now, i will show your step by step how to building cat tree by yourself.

5 Steps to DIY Cat Tree

Simple 5 steps to DIY homemade cat nee . Save money and enjoy fun home project.

build a cat tree with real tree


Building cat tree will save a lot for yourself, and with fun project. but , even building little and simple cat tree will take a lot efforts: cutting the wood, connect the post with base , cover the perch ,etc. and as we know, the key of cat tree is the stability,Especially for particularly lively cats, they like to jump up and down. Now , building cat tower with real tree maybe solve the problem. And it will be much more simple and easy ,just only find a great tree.

how to make a cat tree with solid wood


Cat tree provide enough place to cat with climbing and jumping .but, even the cheapest cat tree is around 100. That is wow!DIY cat tree will save yourself hundreds of dollars by buying cat tower at the store and NOT investing in the tools, materials and time it would take to build your own. There is the DIY tutorial of how to make a cat tree with solid wood.

how to build a cat tree condo house


Cat tree provides plenty of benefits for kittens, it provides a great place to hang out, sleep and play. cat tower provides needed exercise and stimulation: a surface to scratch on to relieve stress and boredom, and a high perch to escape to. Unfortunately, even smaller cat trees can be very expensive. A good alternative way is to build a cat tree for your cat by yourself.