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build a cat tree with real tree


Building cat tree will save a lot for yourself, and with fun project. but , even building little and simple cat tree will take a lot efforts: cutting the wood, connect the post with base , cover the perch ,etc. and as we know, the key of cat tree is the stability,Especially for particularly lively cats, they like to jump up and down. Now , building cat tower with real tree maybe solve the problem. And it will be much more simple and easy ,just only find a great tree.
Select the Crown section Branch weight above 20CM, branch shape position a more reasonable trees.

building your own cat tree 2

The winter is the best time to cut the tree, The trees relatively dry during the winter months. Remain after tree felling need parts, bark peeled off.

building your own cat tree 3

Shave, steel ruler, exposing the plain wooden parts, and pruning as designed, high and low are evenly distributed.

building your own cat tree 5

As the need for additional branches, before it can be used to remove branches, wire rod into Center grafted at both ends. Fully dry before Assembly.

building your own cat tree 6

12CM large screw and base plate fixed at the bottom, the way you can tie some rope.

building your own cat tree 7

Plate, adjust the levels, I used the toothless saw blade grinding of flat surfaces.

building your own cat tree 8

Begin to assemble plates, as the way of fix the floor base. drill a hole, into the screw.

building your own cat tree 9

fix the holes with screw.
cover the perch and base, I used the mat fabric, durable, slightly larger than the Board trim, surrounded with foam nails (large nails) fixed

building your own cat tree 10

All done you can rope all wrapped up. (Special note, before the Board on the best well position, align all panels on each side in order to placed against the wall)

building your own cat tree 11

Now , there is your real cat tree ! enjoy !

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  1. Great idea! But the way the instructions are written make them hard to understand. So I will probably print out the pics and have my father-in-law, who is a carpenter, help me build it. Thanks for the idea! P.S. Maybe re-read the instructions and make them a little more understandable? Thank you!

  2. I agree with Stephanie, the instructions are rough to follow, but the pictures are very helpful. How long does the tree take to dry out?

    Also DIY'ers should note- look up the toxicity of the tree before using it! Some trees like elm and some pines are cat-safe but citrus or cherry trees are a huge no-go!