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DIY Cat Tree Tutorial – How To Make Cat Tree Condo


DIY cat tree is great ideal for all cat lover, which is save a lot money ,and also provide fun. The key of homemade building cat tree is the cat tree plan, in my view, which contain the all the details of your cat tree will be.A great cat tree plan is the most important of making cat tower. Now, i will show your step by step how to building cat tree by yourself.

Step 1. Design your cat tree plan.

building your cat tree plan

Design the cat tree plan will take a lot of effort, you must organize the posts,perch,house which decide how much you cat love your DIY cat tree.
There is my cat tree plan ,after taking to my 3 cats, i got our cat tree plan now,Originally 190cm, in order to maintain stability, reduced height, plank a change in a staggered manner. so , let’s building cat tree right now.

Step 2: Open your DIY tools box

building your cat tree 2

Tools: drill, wire saw machine, wrench, hammer, screwdriver, utility knife, saw, compass saw, plug (green lid, by both the post, this frame with 22),
Connections using large screws, nails, adhesive (with a small bucket and bucket), scissors, ruler, square, tape measure. And so on ...

Nothing in your tool box ? Well...
below is the tool list of making cat tree from Amazon:

Step 3:  Building cat tree house right now:

building your cat tree 4

A first step, the saw according to design good wood, and then the five holes in floor position, punched. ...

building your cat tree 5

Top platform, fenced all around. Too much trouble ...

building your cat tree 6

Infinites is a painful thing.

building your cat tree 7

Two cats tube engine

building your cat tree 8

Before haven't Pack cloth, free Assembly and disassembly

building your cat tree 11

There it is !


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  2. Are these supposed to be instructions?

  3. Are these supposed to be instructions?