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DIY Unique Cat Furniture Tutorial

cat tree plans-4

This cat tree is totally unique and is  a new line of stylish cat furniture, which is from china, named cats. The white tower and scratcher is really cute.This cat tree is lovely to look at and so practical!! The designs are inventive and so cleaverly condensed. But , since it only sells in china, and the price is over over my budget . then , DIY this cat tree is the best way now.
At first , we need to get clear the cat tree plan. below is what we get:
cat tree plans-6 cat tree plans-5
Now, DIY cat tree now
cutting the wood is the first and the most important work . but, the hardest is to holes the cat shape . To finish the work , you need the tools below:

let’s start

diy cat tree 5

First of all, Draw the cat head shape on the Panel with a pencil.then, Drill it .

diy cat tree 6

diy cat tree 7

Polished edge
The perch and the cat shape window is done, we need to wrap the sisal to the post.get sisal rap from amazon here
How to wrap sisal to post :

diy cat tree 1
diy cat tree 2
diy cat tree 3
diy cat tree 4

ya . we got the climbing post now
Then , Put the perch ,the house with cat shape window , and the posts together.

diy cat tree 8

yayaya..  DIY cat tree is done!

cat tree plans-3
cat tree plans-1
cat tree plans-2

Your cat will love the homemade cat tree which is building by yourself !


  1. This looks amazing! I'm trying to make this modern cat house, and I'm not sure that I see all of the plans there! It looks like in your finished product the piece is cut from one block of wood. Do you have the full plans available?

  2. How wide is it, front to back? I don't see the size anywhere. Thanks!

  3. front to back seems to be 45cm

  4. You don't have a supply list, you don't have a tool list, you don't have assembly instructions... Are they somewhere I'm not looking? I'm relatively handy, but I need some details!