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Cat Tree DIY– How to attach pipe to the base?

Cats love to climb trees - and get stuck there, of course. A homemade cat tree will provide your kitty with hours of entertainment and fun, also, homemade cat tree will save you lots of money . To DIY a cat tree, you'll need to create a tall structure with a few different levels where your cat can perch.There comes an problem , how to attach pipe to the base ?
The vertical supports can be attached to the base with screws, nails, or wood glue. When you chose the PVC pipe to be the vertical supports, how to connect the hollowness PVC pipe to the wood base ? there are some solutions maybe you could refer to :
1. Cat tree connecter (column-connected units)
Pretty easy way to connect, but , the parts is not available, Some cat tree supplier may provides these stuff , only find available on china website,just like amazon: ) .You could buy from here: Cat tree connecter from . The seller provides custom made and wholesale .Sorry , I can not find it in amazon .
The Tutorials of DIY cat tree using PVC pipe:

2. Create an wood connecter

This will need some skills, here:

There are some parts from amazon maybe you will need.

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