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Cats Peeking Out of Shirts - What are you looking for ?

They say cats have 9 lives. Then, thanks to embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota,now, cats have 1 more life.Hiroko Kubota created the cats hiding under the shirt pocket, and peeking out of shirts.
Hiroko Kubota's son is somewhat of a cat fanatic and enjoys collecting images of cute cats he finds on the Internet. His favorite ones would become models for embroideries.After posting her creations online they quickly went viral (like most Internet cats do), prompting Kubota to open an etsy shop 6 months ago. Despite the hefty price tag for a shirt ($250 – $300) she quickly racked up 15 sales and her current inventory is looking a bit slim. According to her website she also used to do custom orders. But now that she seems to be getting busier that service may be in jeopardy.It is so sorry they closed the etsy store now, the shirts was made by her are all gone, thanks for amazon, you can still get these cute cats peeking from pocket shirts from, there is the lists:

I've got a cat in my pocket Men's Graphic T Shirt - Design By Humans

Price:$24.00 - $25.00

Shop Now

I've got a cat in my pocket Women's Graphic T Shirt - Design By Humans

Price: $24.00

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Women's Embroidery Cat Turn-down Collar Solid One Pocket Blouse

Price: $18.99

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