Cardboard Cat House: Cat Scratcher + Play House - Could be more great idea?

Cardboard Cat House, which is Cat Scratcher  and also cat Play House , your kitten will not ignore the house you bought for him any more , cats could have a nap in it, scratch on it , and play with it, Could be more great idea?  There are Best 10 cardboard cat house from amazon:

Cats VS Slipper Funny Story - Who is the winner ?

Sometimes, at home, i always watching my cats play very happy with some...em ... many stuff, like dog? a ball of wool ? em, or a slipper .... I always be very curious what fun is it? Cats VS Slipper Funny Story - Who is the winner ?No answer. 

Cat Smartphone Conductive Gloves - Quirky Cat Gloves With ‘Tails’ That ‘Wag’

This quirky cat gloves from japan, could be used to send texts or browse the web on your smartphone even then it's chilly outside. It will make your hands looks like kitten's wagging their tails with every swipe of your smartphone.

Super Cool 3D Printed CAT ARMOR

Kitten always soft, cute, warm ,just a little fur, sometimes silly , and sometimes will be super cool , just like a soldier. A cat lover named Jwall is a a 3D printer , he designs a 3D Modeled and 3D Printed CAT ARMOR for his cool cat, Bobo.That is super cool !

Video Shown Cat Use Toilet to Take a Poo - How She Toilet-Trained Her Cat ?

So, are you tormented by picking the poo of your kitten ? Have you even image one day,your  cat was filmed sitting on a toilet and relieving himself like a human ? Like the feline named Mr Jinx from the Meet The Parents films, this family pet has been trained by his owners to use the loo instead of the garden.The video shows the cat squatting on the seat and holding his weight with his paws.

Mewgaroo Cat Carrying Jumpsuit - a weird but cute cat suit from Japanese

The latest weird but cute thing to come out of Japan is the Mewgaroo Cat Carrying Jumpsuit:  a jumpsuit with cat ears and cat tail, or a Catsuit if you will. And like it’s hoodie cousin, and the weirdest but cutest part is it has a special pouch with a top opening in which you can stuff your cat, to complete the image. With the pouch, your kitty could “relax” in and a trap door so you can do your business while still carrying your kitty, which will undoubtedly make your cat happy and not freak out at all. 

50 Free Cat Fonts Because You Need Them in Your Life

Meow~Meow~Meow~There are 50 free cat fonts collecting from the internet, Trust me , you need them in your life !!with that many choices, you can have your pick of the litter. You’re welcome.

A Font Made From Cats - Let's type with a cat font

As we know, the internet is powered by cats, so you might as well write in cats too. Not a problem. Now you really can write in cat. Well, sort of.