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A Font Made From Cats - Let's type with a cat font

As we know, the internet is powered by cats, so you might as well write in cats too. Not a problem. Now you really can write in cat. Well, sort of. 

Neko Font, is a Japanese website that will transform text into a new font made entirely out of cats. Well, pictures of cats, to be precise. All you have to do is insert the copy of your choice into the text box and Neko Font (Japanese for "cat font") instantly hands it back in cat form.Just like this:

"Meow-cat" in catfont

 Unfortunately, some word's shape are a bit too contorted, even for cats, cats don't always make the clearest-cut shapes, so it can be a little hard to read at times.But for a cat lover, they are cute anyway. 

So, what about send you friends a card with cat fonts, happy "meow" year?

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