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Super Cool 3D Printed CAT ARMOR

Kitten always soft, cute, warm ,just a little fur, sometimes silly , and sometimes will be super cool , just like a soldier. A cat lover named Jwall is a a 3D printer , he designs a 3D Modeled and 3D Printed CAT ARMOR for his cool cat, Bobo.That is super cool !

This handsome is Jwall, have a cat named bobo, bobo ask him to make a cat armor to protect him against the danger of the word and also double as his halloween costume.

There are some 3D printer by Jwall, kind of cute.

After said yes to Bobo, Jwall began prototyping immediately. 

Then 3D printed :

The details of the cat armor:

The tails:

And , DaTa ~ Bobo looks so cool in this armor:

Hey, cat protect the earth !

Pretty cool ha ? what;s more ? This customized cat aromor also could be dressed by dog:

Jwall shared this 3D Modeles there: CAT ARMOR at

The 3D printer setting :Rafts: Yes,Supports: Yes,Resolution: .1mm - .4mm, Infill: 5-15%. Which you even can buy your 3D printer from amazon: most popular 3d printer from amazon

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