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8 Awesome Ways to Use your Cat

Let’s face it, cats don’t do much. They may be able to make more money, but apart from a grump-looking face or a derpy walk, most cats just aren’t useful. But there are some cats who’s very useful to its owner.So, this is a blog,which you should read with your cat, and let them learn some stuff from it :)

  • Cat-warming smartphone cradle

Instead of buying a new phone stand, this cat owner is using his beloved kitty to hold his phone. He simply stuck the phone under the cat’s chin and the cat just sat there.

I have a cat and there is no way in hell she would sit still if I placed a phone or tablet under her chin. So I dare you to try it. This cat is obviously the world’s most patient and least irritable feline.

  • Toilet Paper Holder

Most cutest Toilet Paper Holder in the world!
  • Professiona Massager

  • Eye Patch with Heating function

  • Sphygmomanometer

  • Thermometer

Are you ready for taking a bath ?
  • Bookmarks

Sometimes, you will get the wrong page.

  • Cute Hat

Fashion and could be used as light... cool

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