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Meowsers! A Dozen Cat Costumes for Your Fashionable Felines

What’s even cuter than a furry-faced little critter? A furry-faced little critter wearing an adorable cat costume. so now it’s time to dress your fashionable felines some cool & fun costume. Because if there’s one animal that appreciates a good costume, it’s a cat. Here are a dozen costumes that are the cat’s meow.

1. Start-shape glasses for your cats

No one will suspet that you're a famous international kitty supermodel when you're cruising your"hood in these start glasses.

2. Fruit Basket Hat 

When you put a bowl of glittery fruit on your cat’s head, she’ll be just as happy and enthusiastic as the original Miss Chiquita.

3. Cats Are Center of the Universe

Your cat knows that it is center of the universe-- time to let it know you're in on the joke! This cat fascinator is a model of our solar system with nine planets attached to the "sun" (cat hat base). 

4. Nurse Kitty Cat Hat

Made of stiffened felt that is hand-stitched together with a small elastic band that helps keep the hat in place for short periods of time on kitty's head. 

5. Apple Arrow Kitty Fascinator

Don't worry..... No actual "shooting" took place anywhere near kitties for the creation of this hat!

6. The Sharknado Cat Hat

 Whether your cat loves Ian Ziering or just Sharks in general, he or she is sure to get a kick out of this fabulous fascinator! Make sure to get one before the next Shark Week or Sharknado 2 premiere party :)

7. The Great Cheeseburger Cat Hat

Everyone knows that cats love cheeseburgers--- now let your kitty wear his cheeseburger pride! This blue plate special cat hat is the perfect outfit for Cheezburger Day, or whatever meme-based holiday your cat chooses to celebrate!

8. Halloween Monster Cat Hat

Perfect for Halloween, or any time your kitty wants to dress up like a cute little creature, this monster cat hat should do the trick! 

9. Happy Birthday Cat Hat

Whether your kitty is celebrating it's own birthday or helping you throw a party for someone else, this is the perfect cat hat for the occasion!

10. 3-D Glasses for Cats!

Have you been watching 3-D movies without offering kitty a pair? How rude! Perfect for 80s-theme party cats, TV-lovin' kitties, and any other time your kitty wants a low key cool costume.

Love these costume or not ? These are all avaible on NotsoKittyShop

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