Study Claims:Watching Cat Videos At Work Can Make You More Productive

If you find yourself staring at your computer screen watching endless adorable cat videos online, don't worry — you're not wasting time. In fact, you may actually be doing yourself a favor. A new study out of Indiana University shows that watching cute videos of cats helps boost mood, reduce anxiety and even increase productivity.
Rather than simply entertain, cat videos were found to boost viewers’ energy and positive emotions and decrease negative feelings.

How to Plant Soil-free Cat Grass with Water Bead Gel

The soil free cat grass with water bead is easy to plant and you don't have to deal with the dirt; keep your home tidy.If double plus love the look of plants in the bedroom, but always a little hesitant when it comes to keeping a pot of dirt that close to where you sleep. With pets in the home, things are sure to get grazed on or run the risk of being knocked over — maybe this dirt-free option is a good solution?

Awesome Cat Boxy Bed - The Cat Bed Inspired by Cat Love of Box


Top cat scientists for every cat owners…Whenever you buy your cat a bed, no matter how nice the bed,She will inevitably (and quite possibly spitefully) ,or sleep in the box it came in.The cat even decided the latest amazon box more entertaining than the one that spend more than $50. This was thought to be an immutable law of nature. Until now.there it is , the ultimate cat bed inspired by cat love of box.

14 Best Ways to Catch Your Cat - Best Toys for Kitten

Catching a cat can be one of the most challenging tasks as a cat owers. Have you ever trying to corner your kitten for a trip to vest, or just want to relocate a feral cat from your property? Tired of being failed ha? There are 14 best ways to fish your cat, all you need to do is to use their curiosity. If cats feels cornered, it can turn from a cute and cuddly creature into a hissing, However, if proper measures are taken, such a challenge can be overcome.

Easy DIY Cat Bowl Stand without Tools

Do you always accidentally kicked over your cats water bowls,resulting in a mess and wet socks ?The solution? Building in cats feeding stations in when we renovated our kitchen. Also,this is simplest way to build the pet bowl stand for muti cat owers. Simple 3 way you just need to do!
Below is the how-to and what you'll need.