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14 Best Ways to Catch Your Cat - Best Toys for Kitten

Catching a cat can be one of the most challenging tasks as a cat owers. Have you ever trying to corner your kitten for a trip to vest, or just want to relocate a feral cat from your property? Tired of being failed ha? There are 14 best ways to fish your cat, all you need to do is to use their curiosity. If cats feels cornered, it can turn from a cute and cuddly creature into a hissing, However, if proper measures are taken, such a challenge can be overcome.

1. Laser LED Pointer - Best Tools for Fishing Cat

Shop one cat laser pen from amazon: the link , your will get a crazy cat !

2. Box best cat trap ever!

3. Pot works well too!

4. How to get a cat ? All you need just only one empty box, then wait, it will have a cat.

Check more funny pic about cat&box on my pinterest board: Cat & Box on Pinterest

5. Soft treats are pleasant

Bait is always a great way to get a cat's attention and trust, but what bait is the best? Yeah dry food is fine, and soft treats are pleasant, but the big kahuna is: CANNED FOOD! No, it doesn't have to be top-of-the line expensive stuff, just your normal, every day canned cat food! It's VERY strong in smell, and cats LOVE it! 

6. The moving mop? 

7. The heater will be great choice in the cold weather day

8. Rolling toilet paper 

9. Or this one?

 10. The fighting between cat and humidifier

11. Set up a trap. 

Yeah, it's harsh, but if you're desperate, this is probably the best approach. The article show you how to set a magic trap: Creat a Cirecle and You Will Get a Cat 

12. No tools, only moving finger

13. The sunshine? 

14. Or Just sit on your closestool ? maybe will be work well

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