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Easy DIY Cat Bowl Stand without Tools

Do you always accidentally kicked over your cats water bowls,resulting in a mess and wet socks ?The solution? Building in cats feeding stations in when we renovated our kitchen. Also,this is simplest way to build the pet bowl stand for muti cat owers. Simple 3 way you just need to do!
Below is the how-to and what you'll need.
Supplies and Tools:
1. You need the folding pet bowl stand like this: Expanding Wall Rack from amazon;
2. Shop the bowl depends on your need:  6.5 inch pet bowls from amazon;
3. Set up and feed your cats;

All you need are these two thing : wall rock for $15, and bowls for $2.54, then you got the cat bowl stand for your 4 cats.

The wall rock is 2.9 x 4.4 x 13 inches, and the bowls is 6.5 inch ,it will be match , or you can shop the two things on local store. 

Foldaway cat bowl stand for muti cat, what do you think ?

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