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15 IKEA DIY Your Cat Will Appreciate

Living with cats offers a special set of home decor dilemmas, we are always want to provide a comfortable for our furry friends, but the idea of giant cat towers taking up floor space in living room.Fortunately, there are 15 IKEA hacks DIY your cat will love, Whether you're trying to hide an unsightly litter box or just create a kitty house that isn't totally ugly (and doesn't cost a billion dollars), there's something here for you in this roundup of clever cat-centric IKEA hacks.Hope you and your cat will love it, and let us get to DIY it ! Enjoy !

1. 4 Floor cat Sisal cat tree with Ikea Lack tables

To DIY this 4 floor sisal cat tree you need:
1) 3 Ikea Lack side tables  $13.99 * 3 = $ 41.97
2) 12 corner brackets, 24 screws(amazon link)
3) A screwdriver (amazon link)
4) Twine for cat tree (I used Sisal rope:amazon link)
5) Ikea Mat Bathroom

Overlap and secure 3 tables of 4, using brackets chair and screws.
Use the 4th tray table to make the base of the tree.
After that, wrap the Sisal twine around the feet of the table. You can attach it with glue, tacks or just as I did: making nodes (easier in case you want to remove and replace it).
I use the mat bathroom to make the tree more comfortable. I cut it in half, I put the bias with my sewing machine so that it doesn’t fray.

2. FAKTUM kitty loo

You need :FAKTUM Wall cabinet, Applåd white door, BESTÅ Push opener, litter box, cat flap, self adhesive vinyl roll.
1. We assembled the FAKTUM frame and used a jigsaw to cut out the access hole for the cat flap, following the template included with the cat flap.
2. The FAKTUM frame has holes on the top and bottom shelf, and since we positioned the cabinet on its side, these were clearly visible and ugly. My husband covered both sides with white self adhesive vinyl, and he also used it to cover the inside of the cabinet, so that litter wouldn’t fall in the holes.
3. We fixed a BESTA push opener to the cabinet, to make opening the door easier. We also screwed a hook to leave the litter scoop in the kitty loo.
4. We bought a narrow litter box, and placed a plastic ribbed mat between the litter tray and the cat flap, to avoid spillage of litter on the floor. We also put some bicarbonate of soda in a small container inside the cabinet, to help absorb nasty smells.
6. Access to clean the box is easy by simply opening the cabinet door.

3. Basket Wall Cat Bed

Basket Bed: Pick up an IKEA woven basket, screw it into the wall and add a cushion for a stylish piece of kitty wall art. or you can just put on the grand, you cat will love it !

4. Modern Food Bowls

Modern Food Bowls: DIY this clever food bowl stand to keep mess to a minimum. shop the cat bowls here from amazon. The height will hopefully help your pesky kitty from knocking over the water dish. 

5. EXPEDIT shelving unit + total kitty litter disguise

Materials: EXPEDIT 2×4 shelving unit, EXPEDIT insert with door, cat flap, drill, jigsaw, box cutter
the cat flap is a pefect solution to give your cat access to the litter box or food through any interior door, while helping keep the dog or kids out, get it from amazon here  at $9
check the DIY Procedure from IKEA hack here

6.IKEA Tray Table to Double-Decker Cat Bed

The IKEA Trendig tray table has two convenient, cat-sized baskets. Just by adding some comfortable cushions, Pinterest user Hanna transformed the baskets into perfect little cat beds. It's basically a special little display stand for cats, which is adorable.

7.  DIY Cat Food Tray

 If you’re tired of constantly sweeping up cat food messes, create a cute little tray area for their dishes, food and, most importantly, treats. Not only does it look sleek and tidy, but everything is organized and much easier to clean. 

8. KEA Doll Bed Does Double (& Triple!) Duty

LureenLumpkins shared this pic of her kitty snoozing in the window. The bed is the perfect feline size and makes the ultimate cat crib. But wait...

And in case you have multiple cats and/or a small living space, here's one from Katiepillars:

These three even have their own blankets, with patterns chosen to match their personalities and interests!

9. Black and white Stolmen Cat Tree

Materials: IKEA Stolmen storage system (post and fixtures)
Description: Here is our version of the “Stolmen” cat tree. We were inspired by pictures we saw on this website. We bought the post and fixtures and built our own shelves to reduce the cost. We gave the shelves the shape we wanted and painted them in white.

10.modern cat bed

Materials: Expedit Wall Shelf from IKEA, Malinda Chair Cushion, and  Seagrass Scratch Pole from amazon

This combination cat bed/scratching post, by The Deviant Housewife, makes use of an EXPEDIT wall shelf. It looks pretty popular.

11. DIY kitty litter box cover

Hiding the litter box is especially problematic in a small apartment. Brandy from Bella Pop came up with a great solution: an IKEA STUVA box, with a hole cut in the back for a kitty entrance. The front opens up so Brandy can scoop, and when the doors are closed the whole thing just looks like an end table.

Kitty door cut to size with jigsaw (before installing the back cover!) Don’t have a jigsaw?  Find a friend who does!

12. Shelf Perch

If your kitty is a tree-dweller, they’ll love having their own shelf where they can judge you from above. If you don’t have room for (or don’t like the look of) a giant cat tower, just mount some IKEA shelves and add carpet so they don’t slip off. 

13. Ikea tunnel

This IKEA hanging storage  which is still could be cat's favorite resting spot.


You need:
Rast bedside table
40 metres of 6mm twisted sisal rope(amazon link)
Staple gun (amazon link) , Hammer ,Scissors
6 adhesive floor protection dots
A cushion insert, quilt wadding or another soft filling for the seat
65 cm x 55 cm piece of fabric
Some felt balls or a cat toy on a string

15. Ikea cubes + chair cushions = awesome cat tower

Ikea cubes + chair cushions = awesome cat tower, super great idea!

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