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DIY Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

The cat tower is the most ghastly piece of furniture ever designed. Unfortunately, cats love cat towers, especially as they combine their favorite pastimes of climbing up to a perch (to nap) and scratching their claws (after waking up from a nap).And for some actively cats, they prefer high and long climbing to allow 'full speed', there are pretty easy way to diy a floor to ceiling cat climbing tree for your fur kids. 

Step 1: Material & Tools All you Need

This high scratching / climbing post are made of  PVC pie which easy to DIY and at affordable price. 

The PVC drain pipe you need like these below :
PVC drain pipe, diam. 110 mm, in a preferable length (floor to ceiling).or you can buy these from the local store.
also , you will need Sisal rope, diam. 8 mm, approx. 47 meter for each meter of the pipe length.For example: A diam. 110 pipe with length 2.5 m will need 117.5 m. Shop from amazon here: Sisal rope from amazon

 And the most important: One helpful and curious cat

Step 2: Make plugs and perch 

Start making the upper and lower base plugs by thick wooden pieces equal to the PVC pipe inner diameter. 2 plugs for the perch , and one for post .

Use the Wood Filler to filling the cutting face, in case of hurting cats.

Cut the pipe.

Important: Measure again! Think again!

Step 3: Wrapper the Perch 

You can ignore this step, for the attractive and durable, I plan to wrap the perch with this black wood adhesive film . 

assembling the perch 

Step 4: Preassembly.

Mount all the pieces together and check out that everything is OK. Don't wrap the Sisal rope yet...

Put the soon-to-be scratching post in position using a level to get it vertical. Mark the upper and lower positions with some masking tape at the floor and ceiling.

When satisfied... remove it all and mentally prepare for a couple of hours wrapping more than 100 meters of rope.

Step 5: Sisal wrapping.

Use the hot glue gun to fix the  'inlets' for the rope. recommend the best seller glue gun from amazn here: Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun

Pull the rope hard when wrapping, and after some turns hammer the turns together. A pair of gloves and someone to help you guiding the rope is necessary . When you need a break, secure the rope with packaging tape.

Wrapping long lengths of rope is much more difficult than it sounds. It will twist, turn, tangle and be a complete mess if not handled correctly. Plan your wrapping!.

Step 6: Final assembly.

Firstly the perch.

Tighten the spanner screws

And... voila!

Great success! Full speed ahead!

Step 7: Put your cats with it, and enjoy !

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