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How To DIY Luxury 4 Floor Cats Trees

Cat trees provide a great place for your cats to hang out, sleep and play. Even smaller cat trees can be very expensive. This is a DIY guide about making a luxury cats tree with four floors, which could provides playing places for 3 adults cats.

Ok , let's start !First of all, you need get all the materials ready, which could buy from your local store, or on amazon. they are all common ,and easy to find.

1. One carpet tube
This can be gotten for free from most of your carpet warehouses as they usually end up in the garbage bin.or you can shop from amazon here: PVC pipe from amazon

2. One sheet of plywood or particle board
 I used particle board as some one was giving sheets of the stuff away on freecycle. You also should check the cut off bin at your local hardware. Home Depot has one and I have found half sheets of wood for as little as $4.

3. 2 yards of fake fur
I used what they call the lamb's wool,it will make your cats feel comfortable. you can get it from amazon: Lime Green Anti Pill Solid Fleece Fabric

4. 100 ft. lengths of sisal rope
It is great things for scratchers, could be buy from amazon here: 100-Feet Twisted Sisal Rope

1. circular saw to cut tubes and plywood or particle board;
2.finish nailer to nail boards together or screw gun and screws
3.staple gun to staple fabric and rope and door mat
4. 4 inch hole saw to cut round pieces of wood to fit in tubes to nail or screw into

The cats tree plan & size, this plan provides all the details you may need, or you can adjust the size depend on your need.

About the connector:

about how to attack the pvc pipe with the base, I used the connector like this below, but so sorry , it is not avaiable for sale anymore, maybe you can take the pipe tube as instead which I find from amazon here: pipe cap from amazon

Suggests that all perches and boxes be made and covered with fake fur beforehand. Attach the rounds inside the tubes with wood glue. Nail or screw tubes onto the base with nails or screws at an angle. Cover the tubes with rope or door mat cut to size. You can also cover some of the tubes with fake fur. Next attach the L shaped piece of wood, screwing or nailing into the round piece of wood at the top of the tube. Nail or screw on your houses and perches.

Attach your kitty toys where you want them and cover the whole thing in catnip. We cut the black mat with a pair of shears. Once you got down to the base, it was not very thick and pretty easy to cut. For assembly, please refer to the picture. We found that we could cover most of the pieces with fabric beforehand and that helped greatly. It will take two people to wrap the sisal rope around the posts as one person needs to be able to staple while the other person holds the jute tight.

The kitties love their new place to play and they use the scratcher made from the black mat a lot. I hope this gives everyone some great ideas.

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  1. It's looks Awesome!!!! I have to try to make it for my cats. They will love it!!! Thank you so much for all the instructions. You are so talented!!!